Adding a Spa or Pool Heater?

Many of our customers have either installed or are planning to install a spa or pool heater.

The size of the gas meters and regulators that we use at your home are determined by the appliances that you utilize. Gas meter and regulator size can vary from home to home depending upon the size and type of gas appliances that need to be accommodated.

The addition of a spa, pool heater or other large gas appliance can significantly impact the efficiency and performance of other household gas appliances. If you are planning to install a spa, pool heater or other large gas appliance, please contact our office at 210-695-8781. Our technicians will insure that the meter and regulator at your home are adequate to handle your natural gas needs.

Appliance Problems

The employees of Grey Forest Utilities are not licensed to repair gas appliances. Should a problem arise with one of your appliances, call a licensed repairman.

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