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  Payment Options
Grey Forest Utilities offers customers various ways to pay their gas bill and to report meter readings.

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Payments can be made by check (through the mail or drop-box located at the office), VISA, Master Card, or bank draft.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover by phone at 210-695-8781 Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM till 4:30 PM.

To have the payment automatically paid by credit card or bank draft, on a monthly basis, fill out the back of your payment stub and return it to us.

Payments may also be made for a convenience fee at HEB and CheckFreePay locations.

Payment Problems
Should circumstances arise that keep you from paying your gas bill on time, please call 210-695-8781. You can then discuss your situation with one of our customer service representatives. It is important to make this call before your service is suspended. In most cases arrangements can be made which are satisfactory for both you and the billing department..

In the event that there is no payment or communication we will be forced to take action. This action may result in interruption of service.

Accounts that are not paid within 5 days of due date are subject to having gas service suspended. When GFU is forced to pursue the matter of delinquent accounts there will be a collection fee and an increased deposit.

Please remember to report your meter reading by the payment due date regardless of when and how you choose to pay your bill.

Meter Read Options
  1. You may record you meter read on the payment stub and return it with your payment. 
  2. You may email your reading to billing@gfugas.com. Please note your account number, name and address when using this option.
  3. You may call the office 24 hours a day 7 days a week and give the reading to a customer service representative or after hours readings can be left on a voicemail. 
When a meter reading is not received by the payment due date and we read the meter, there will be an additional charge.

The first two meter reads are FREE, additional reads are $15.00 each.
This holds true even when no gas is used.

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