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What Is A Gas Emergency
  Pilot Lighting
Prepare early for a safe and problem free heating season. Before the cold weather hits, be sure to have your gas heaters or furnaces checked and cleaned by a qualified service technician.

To keep your heating system operating efficiently, clean or replace the filter at least once a month during the heating season. Vacuum the heating unit surfaces. Be sure that the cover of the furnace filter enclosure is closed securely to prevent infiltration of carbon monoxide into the living area. 

Fall is the time to prepare for the winter heating season. Call for an appointment and take advantage of our $20 furnace lighting service. Newer furnaces come equipped with electronic ignition pilot lights and will not require this service. 

If you have a new appliance which has never been operated, your builder or appliance dealer must provide the initial light-up service to ensure that the appliance is correctly adjusted and operating properly. This is necessary for the warranty to be valid.

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