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What Is A Gas Emergency

Welcome to Grey Forest Utilities Online

Grey Forest Utilities provides natural gas distribution services for customers located in a 600 square mile service area in northwest metropolitan San Antonio, Texas. We are a company that started in the mid 1960's built on the dreams of citizens and community leaders of the City of Grey Forest, Texas.

We put our customers first and we provide exemplary service to an ever-growing customer base. We believe that one-on-one attention is crucial, and, because of that, we have taken steps to minimize frustrating telephone menus that other companies utilize. In the field, we schedule a precise time to meet, not a range of time. We realize that without our customers we would cease to exist. We encourage you to try us and experience the difference.

The staff at Grey Forest Utilities takes great pride in our company. We proudly serve our residential and commercial and industrial customers with natural gas rates that are as competitive as any across the nation. There are many developers, builders and major engineering firms that have cited our organization as the utility company "easiest to do business with". We believe it is for that particular reason that we are consistently chosen to serve premium residential and commercial developments in our service area like those that follow:
*The Westin La Cantera Resoirt *The Shops at La Cantera *NISD Schools
*The Rim *The Dominion *Crown Ridge *San Antonio Ranch * Los Reyes *Alamo Ranch *Grandview * Hillcrest
Customers located in and around: * City of Boerne * City of Leon Valley * City of Helotes * City of San Antoinio

We are consistently selected as a provider of choice because we are large enough to get the job completed quickly, expertly and safely..... yet small enough for every project to be a priority.

We understand that if you need gas service... we need to quickly install it so that both of our business objectives are quickly fulfilled.

We will never claim to be the largest natural gas utility in the area, but, we will give you a pledge that we will work diligently to make your experience with us the very BEST experience possible. Size doesn’t govern service.

Our goal is to provide excellence in each area of our company, then let our customers reap the benefits.

If you have a suggestion regarding how we can serve you better please feel free to contact the CEO/ General Manager at:

$$$ Money Saving Tips!
Click on Natural Gas Basics to learn about ways you can save money on your gas bill.
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Appliance Problems
The employees of Grey Forest Utilities are not licensed to repair gas appliances. Should a problem arise with one of your appliances, call a licensed repairman.
Adding a Spa or Pool Heater
Call before you dig!
This is the Law

If you are planning any other kind of project that will require digging, call 811 any time, day or night. Allow 2 working days for the location of underground utilities to be located. Notification will be sent to any company that may have utilities underground in that area and will mark the approximate location of their lines.  This service is FREE and can protect you, your family and your property.  Remember, if you hit a utility line and did not call you may be seriously injured or even killed. If the call was not made you are also financially responsible for any damages that may occur.

Pilot Lighting
Prepare early for a safe and problem free heating season. Before the cold weather hits, be sure to have your gas heaters or furnaces checked and cleaned by a qualified service technician. Fall is the time to prepare for the winter heating season.

Call for an appointment and take advantage of our $20 furnace lighting service.
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Recognizing a Natural Gas Leak
is an obvious way to circumvent an emergency situation.

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