Appliances that use Natural Gas

Natural gas appliances are more energy efficient and therefore less costly to operate than electric or propane appliances.

Water Heaters
Natural gas water heaters can operate for 40-50% less. Natural gas water heaters can also heat water twice as fast, this includes heaters for pools and spas.

Natural gas furnaces can operate for 30% less. Electronic ignition is available on most new models, eliminating the need for a pilot light to burn continuously. As a result, there is additional energy savings.

Clothes Dryers
Natural gas dryers are big money savers with operating costs 25-50% less. Natural gas dryers dry more quickly and reduce static cling.

Natural gas ranges use approximately 25% less energy. They also provide precise heating and temperature control while cooking.

Natural gas grills generally operate at costs 50% less than propane. There is also no tank to refill. When using charcoal there is the messy clean-up, which natural gas eliminates. Natural gas is also more environmentally friendly than both propane and charcoal.

Fireplace Logs
Natural gas fireplace logs provide a delightful atmosphere and a simplistic, clean, safe and economical alternative to wood burning fireplaces. They provide excellent heat with none of the messy clean-up that wood burning fireplaces require.

Outdoor Lights
Natural gas lights are an attractive addition to any home. They provide ambiance while assisting with your home’s security. To see a variety of gas lights come by the GFU office.

Not only will these appliances save money, they will continue to operate even when there is no electricity.

You can compare efficiency of various appliances by consulting the yellow U.S. Department of Energy efficiency label on appliances. These labels provide energy efficiency ratings and operating cost comparisons.

Remember…natural gas appliances are more environmentally friendly than either electric or propane appliances!

Appliance Problems

The employees of Grey Forest Utilities are not licensed to repair gas appliances. Should a problem arise with one of your appliances, call a licensed repairman.