Natural Gas Line and Meter Inspection

To ensure safe and reliable service to our customers, federal regulations require Grey Forest Utilities to periodically inspect its equipment, including the piping and natural gas meter the company owns.

  • Grey Forest Utilities owns the natural gas meter and the piping that comes into it from the distribution main line.
  • Customers own the piping that runs from the meter to the natural gas appliances and it is the customer’s responsibility to maintain this piping.

Atmospheric Corrosion Survey

Once every three years Grey Forest Utilities is required by the Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration to inspect gas pipelines and gas meters for Atmospheric Corrosion(rust and peeling paint). Representatives from Grey Forest Utilities will visit your meter for this inspection. Small repairs may be made at that time or you may receive a call to schedule larger repairs.

Leak Survey Program

Grey Forest Utilities is required by the Railroad Commission of Texas to comply with an ongoing Leak Survey Program which inspects for the possibility of gas leaks within our service area.

For Your Safety

  • Do not store items on or around your meter
  • Keep meter clear of landscaping that obstructs access or visibility
  • Do not wrap or insulate meter
  • Do not tie pets to the meter installation
  • Do not allow children to climb on or play  near meter
  • Use caution when using lawn equipment around meter
  • Do not tamper with meter or attempt to service or maintain the meter yourself
  • If meter is damaged or you suspect a gas leak, please call Grey Forest Utilities immediately

Meter Access & Dogs

By law, if the Grey Forest Utilities provides gas service to you, then we have the right to enter your property to read/maintain its metering equipment without your permission. You are responsible for providing access to Grey Forest utility equipment for the installation, maintenance and removal of its property. This includes unobstructed access around the meter itself as well as access to the meter if it’s in a separate room. Failure to provide access can result in fines with eventual disconnection of service.


Because of the ever-increasing number of protective dogs, Grey Forest Utility meter readers, customer service representatives, and servicemen sometimes experience difficulty reading and servicing meters. The dog’s natural instinct to protect the customer’s property poses a problem if a meter reader feels personally threatened. Grey Forest Utility meter readers protect themselves from aggressive animals with tools such as (but not limited to) dog bones and dog sticks.

We appreciate your help with making our visit to your property quick and safe by maintaining easy access to your meter and keeping your dogs away from the meter area.