Customer Owned Gas Lines


Federal regulations require Grey Forest Utilities to notify customers that have underground gas lines to homes or businesses, because these lines could possibly develop a leak. Lines between the gas meter and your home or business belong to the customer – not to Grey Forest Utilities. Should a leak occur “downstream”, or from the meter to the house, the repairs are the responsibility of the customer. The lines “upstream”, or to the meter, are the responsibility of Grey Forest Utilities.

If a gas leak is suspected, Grey Forest Utilities will check your line at no charge. If a leak is found downstream of the meter, a licensed plumber should be contacted immediately to repair the unsafe condition. Grey Forest Utilities does not maintain or repair customer owned lines.

Customers are encouraged to have a licensed plumber inspect their gas piping periodically. Gas lines, over time, could develop a leak as a result of corrosion or external forces.

See Recognizing Natural Gas Leaks to learn about leaks and what you can do if you detect one.